Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 here we go !!!!!!!!!!

With the latest "Arctic Blast" here and gone (what a bust) we will be starting services soon.  With temperatures in the 50's and rain forecast almost daily, we need to get the moss under control and get some color back into the grass and start our applications for the season.  If you are a call ahead customer, we will contact you soon.  Here we go !!!  If you have a friend, neighbor or relative that needs some help with their moss send them our way.  Give them a link to our website at and they can look around and contact us.  Remember there is a $25.00 credit available to you for the referral (if they take advantage of one of our comprehensive programs) and they will get a discount off their service.  Thanks in advance for any referrals.  See ya soon! Make it a GREAT day!  Luther @ TGA.

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