Monday, January 31, 2011

Crane Fly Larvae Alert !!!!!!!!!

Hi.  We are about 50% thru our first round application (moss and micros). We are finding many lawns with young, very small crane fly larvae.  We are treating when there.  If we have not been to your lawn yet, be patient, we will be there very soon and will let you know if insects are present.  If application is required to control, the new product we are using will give about 2 months of control.  We will continue to monitor on each visit and keep you posted.  It is our environmental policy to only apply insect control when it is required to protect your lawn.  It is call Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  This is the way.  If you have friends or family using another service and they do not practice IPM, have them contact us, we will give them a healthier lawn while protecting the environment and beneficial microorganisms and earth worms!

Thanks for reading. Make it a GREAT day! Luther @ TGA

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